Thursday, October 26, 2006

CONCUR 2007 Workshop?

Antonio Ravara just posted an announcement on the Types mailing list asking for workshop proposals in connection with CONCUR 2007 in Lisbon. (See also here.)

In his comment to my previous post, Jos Baeten wrote:

I think it is a good idea to have a one-day WG 1.8 workshop at each CONCUR conference, with a short WG meeting at the end of it.

Shall we submit a WG1.8 workshop proposal? If so, who would like to be involved in the PC? What kind of workshop shall we aim at, an informal meeting or one with proceedings? The deadline mentioned in Antonio's message and on the workshops web page is November 24, 2007---but I assume that he means 2006 :-)---so we have to move quickly.

The notification of acceptance is due on December 4, 2007 (again 2006, I presume).

If I do not receive enough reactions via the comments section of the blog, I'll resort to emailing to reach an agreement fast.