Thursday, October 26, 2006

CONCUR 2007 Workshop?

Antonio Ravara just posted an announcement on the Types mailing list asking for workshop proposals in connection with CONCUR 2007 in Lisbon. (See also here.)

In his comment to my previous post, Jos Baeten wrote:

I think it is a good idea to have a one-day WG 1.8 workshop at each CONCUR conference, with a short WG meeting at the end of it.

Shall we submit a WG1.8 workshop proposal? If so, who would like to be involved in the PC? What kind of workshop shall we aim at, an informal meeting or one with proceedings? The deadline mentioned in Antonio's message and on the workshops web page is November 24, 2007---but I assume that he means 2006 :-)---so we have to move quickly.

The notification of acceptance is due on December 4, 2007 (again 2006, I presume).

If I do not receive enough reactions via the comments section of the blog, I'll resort to emailing to reach an agreement fast.


Blogger Uwe Nestmann said...

In contrast to the CONCUR conference, where the latest scientific advances are presented, I was always lacking a more strategic forum. Now, there is the LIX Colloquium on "Emerging Trends" in November this year. I could very well imagine that having a "continuation" of this event with CONCUR 2007 could be a good means to prevent from a one-shot discussion meeting.

1:49 pm  
Blogger Jos Baeten said...

Sure, I am willing to contribute to a one-day 1.8 workshop at concur 2007. I agree with Uwe that a more strategic gathering could work.

8:33 pm  
Blogger Kohei Honda said...

As I posted in another Luca's thread, I also think it is a very good idea to have such a workshop in Concur. As Uwe noted, it would be nice to have a meeting with future prospect in mind. I think there are several interesting convergences of researches (well all plural), so if we can gather these it would be very nice.

Unlike some other fields, our field is not too fixed in terms of what mathematical problems it would deal with: at the same time, our field can interact with computing in various ways, from basic theories (which we have only scratched its surface) to the real world computing. Articulating what we can do and what can be potentially interesting in such a gathering will certainly be stimuli and good invitation to research activities in our field.


6:51 am  
Blogger Pedro R. D'Argenio said...

I am also in favour of having a one day workshop at CONCUR as a place where the WG 1.8 come toghether. Appart from this reason it is not clear to me what other would be the aim of the workshop. We wouldn't like it to intersect with CONCUR or the usual associated workshops (like e.g. EXPRESS or INFINITY). Any concrete proposal on this respect?

3:22 pm  

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